Keep cold's and flu away

Hand Washing and anti-bacterial gel help t keep sickness away


This time of year viruses and bugs are spread indoors by touching phones, door handles and many other objects, becasue without being aware, we often touch our face, and we transfer these unknowingly. Washing your hands often with soap and water is important as a first line of defence, however there are times hand washing is just not convenient. Keeping a product like Purell in your place of business can help to keep both staff and customers safe from germs, that can cause illness.

Swan can provide both wall mounted and free standing floor models so that it is always convenient for use. When we service your mats and or mops, we check and refill the Purell dispenser.

Ask us today for a free quote on adding a Purell dispenser to your place of business.

close up image of germsimage of Purell wall dispenser with hand underneath



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Custom logo mats for your business

   Welcome your customers with your logo on an entry mat


logo mat on floor

You know mats keep your business clean and your customers safe from slip and fall accidents, but put those mats to work with your company logo. We can come to offer you a free quote, and a wide variety of colours and sizes is available.

Tooth Fairy dentistry logo mat

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Toy Drive for Waterloo region

2017 official kick-off of Toy drive, crowd of supporters and firetruck
   Official kick off of the Knights of Columbus Toy Drive

Swan is proud to support this important initiative each year, alog with Morty's Pub, and the loca firefighters and Knights of Columbus. The tuck that is to be filled with toys sits at Morty's pub parking lot, on King St. in Waterloo. New Unwrapped toys for children of all ages are greatly appreciated. These toys make their way to many children that are less fortunate, thanks to the many volunteers that sort and deliver the donated toys. Help to make the holidays a little brighter for a child that would otherwise have little at this special time of year.

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Waterloo Park hosts Wonders of Winter

Not to be missed if you live in Waterloo Region

Looking to put a little "old fashion" Christmas feeling back in your December? Waterloo Park has a Free festival of lights with over 100 light displays. It opens Dec. 2 at 5:30 with candle lighting, and then 6:00 pm fireworks, which is also when the lights come on.

It is free to enjoy, along with Free Horse Drawn Trolley Rides. The hours are 5:30-10:30 pm every night until closing, which is Sunday Dec. 31 at midnight.


To learn more go to

Swan Dust Control is a proud sonsor of this event every year.

Santa with sun glasses driving car

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The many benefits of mat rental

Why rent mats?


Let me count the ways....Seriously though there are many reasons and I will cover a few of them here.

  1. Your business is important to you, and you want to create a positive first impression when customers enter your business, and see a clean dry surface.
  2. A clean, dry floor is a safe floor to walk and stand on. Swan's mats are very absorbent so rain, snow and slush are in the mat, not creating a slip and fall hazard on your floors
  3. The mats protect your floors, capturing dirt, salt and water that will damage the floor.
  4. Rubber backing on the mat keeps it from slipping on the floor. As a business owner you are taking a precaution against accidents, should a slip and fall accident occur on a wet floor without a mat.
  5. You and your employees can focus on serving the customer, and let Swan remove dirty mats and replace them with clean. No mat cleaning needed for you or your employees.

Our sales professionals can come to your business and provide a no obligation, free quote. Every two weeks our customer service represetnatives come to your business to remove the dirty mats and replace them. It's that simple. Contact us today.  

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Washing 1000 pounds of knitted fabric

Canada 150 project becomes a big washing project for Swan


Cambridge Textile artist Sue Sturdy created a Canadian Flag from donated knitted fabrics and textiles. It was vast, hundreds of feet across.  Nearly 100 canoes and kayaks delivered the knitting to the park from Linear Park. Grand Woolly River Ride was designed to honour the importance of textiles and the river to the city’s history, while creating a fun event involving as many people as possible.

It was a thing of beaty for all of Cambridge to enjoy. The Flag's materials will then be it will be cut up, washed and repurposed into scarves, blankets and other items for people in need in the community.

Enter Swan Dust Control. Sue called and asked if Swan would pick up and wash all of the materials, which were about 1000 lbs. Always up for a challenge, Swan agreed. Happy to help. Wow, what a challenge it was. Knitted fabrics are much more deleicate than rubber backed entry mats. They all had to be put in "delicates" bags and washed in cold water, on a gentle cycle. 

Well, it is done, and the fabrics can now begin a new life, helping those in need. 

washing machine with knits insidelarge pile of knitted fabric in cart

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Swan cares about the community

Food 4 Kids Provides food on weekends to hungry kids

                                               food for kids Waterloo Wellington logo

Swan believes in supporting organizations that support those that need it within our community. The most food insecure children that may not have access to food on the weekend. Many children particiapte in breakfast programs at theri schools, but can go hungry on the weekend. 

For just $10 a child can be fed for a weekend. Please follow Swan Dust Control's lead and look around your community to see who needs some  help. Children need food to thrive, to learn and to grown. You can learn more


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We care about the safety of your building

Swan cares about the safety of your business


You need to focus on your business and your customers, it's what you do best. So let Swan be a partner with you in keeping your place of buisness clean and safe for both your employees and your customers.


Our Hassle-Free, Care-Free Rental Programs provide the latest in floor mat solutions, Purell hand sanitizer, dust and wet mops, we will help your business improve productivity and lower your maintenance costs while enhancing your image by keeping your floors and critical areas clean and safe, on a regular basis. 


We can be a partner in your Green Building efforts by providing a rental of floor mats and anti-bacterial dispensers. Keep your customers and staff safe, and maintain a clean, eco-friendly workplace.


We provide pick-up and delivery to your location to remove your soiled mats and mops and replace them with clean ones. No inventory or quality control issues, we do that for you, so that you can focus on your business.

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How to prevent Slip and Fall accidents

How to prevent  Slip and Fall accidents

The Ontario Ministry of Labour provides Health and Safety information on their website. Safe at Work Ontario is the Ministry of Labour’s strategy to protect workers health and safety in the workplace. So how do you the business owner ensure that you maintain a workplace safe from slips and falls?

Here are some examples of steps that can be taken, from the Ontario Ministry of Labour.


• Slip-resistant flooring and slip-resistant mats


. Provide “wet floor” signage


• Ensure shovels, mops and buckets are readily available


• Remove debris, snow and ice


• Clean up spills promptly


• Remove clutter from walk surfaces


• Ensure mats are kept clean when grease or slush accumulates 


Let Swan Dust Control help you meet these requirements for your business with a mat and mop rental service. We provide certified "high traction" mats which are picked up to be cleaned and fresh delivered to your business, ensuring a clean and safe business workplace.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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New Mural complete

Swan is pleased with new outdoor Mural, "Live the Blues"


colourful mural of live music painted on wall


We are proud to introduce a new mural, or street art, to Waterloo. “Live the Blues” has now been completed, and it can be seen on the side wall of China Garden Restaurant located at 31 University Ave. E., also seen from Williams Coffee next door, in their parking lot.

Thanks very much to the generous support from the Waterloo Neighbourhood Matching Fund and Swan Dust Control as the corporate sponsor. This colourful work of art was created by The Pomegranate Mural Collective, lead by artist Pamela Rojas. The Collective, as described on their FaceBook page;

“We are a group of creative, community-minded individuals and organizations investing in the vibrancy of the K-W cityscape through the design, creation, and completion of community-based murals in our city’s public space. 

Our Artistic Director, Pamela Rojas, has been actively engaged in the logistical and artistic elements of muralism in the Waterloo Region for the last 10 years and brings a deep of knowledge about effective mural practice to our community.

The collective exists because of the generous energy and time given by volunteers who help to bring life to the murals and assist in making connections and building relationships in our city. Our vision is to make murals that belong to the communities in which they are located, and that serve as visual markers of community togetherness.”


This is the second mural completed in the area around 31 University Ave. E., with another showcasing “The Four Seasons”, which can be found on the wall of Reese’s Cleaners on the corner of Regina and University Ave. E. That mural was created in the summer of 2016, by Pamela Rojas and was also supported by Swan Dust Control and the Waterloo Neighbourhood Matching Fund.


The “Live the Blues mural was inspired by the wonderful live music that can be found in the Waterloo Region. The Mural Collective artists which include Ralf Wall, Cathy Amos, Carmen Peters, Ean Kools, Ann Mackenzie, Monte Wright and of course Pamela Rojas created “Live the Blues”, and the audience seen in silhouette on the mural, are actual people from the neighbourhood, that were outlined and then added to the silhouetted audience, on the mural.


It is our hope that this mural will be enjoyed for many years, and that it might inspire other murals to be painted in the area, making a wonderful street art neighbourhood.


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December 12, 2017
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